But where’s the money for services?

fat-cat-An incredible £80 billion has been paid in bonuses alone to bankers since the financial crash of 2007. And they want even more!

Because of the outrage at bank bosses pay and bonuses since the banks were bailed out by taxpayers, the EU has passed laws limiting the scale of bonuses to 100% of annual salary or 200% if shareholders approval is granted. This still means that the EU supports the likes of HSBC chief executive getting annual bonuses of £2.4 million on top of his £1.2 million salary. But this still won’t make any difference.

Now these fat cats are planning to award extra shares to themselves on top of bonuses. After being bailed out to the tune of £1.2trillion of our money, the banks should be fully nationalised and democratically controlled so that the enormous wealth they control can be used to invest in services and the economy overall to create jobs.

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Forty-five million people have been infected by Covid-19 globally, with over one million tragically losing their lives. The UK has now surpassed 1.37 million cases, with around 52,000 deaths.  In Northern Ireland, we have reached 46,359 cases and 846 deaths. While there are promising signs that effective vaccines may be available in the near future, there is evidence that new strains of the virus are rapidly emerging. There are also serious questions about how rapidly, efficiently and equally vaccination programmes will be rolled out.

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The vicious cuts to housing benefits currently being introduced by the Tory/Lib Dem government is a direct attack on the unemployed, the disabled and part-time workers. The cuts will mean a couple on housing benefits that are now entitled to 100% of the average cost renting a two bedroom house in an area will now only be entitled to receive 60% of rent costs.