After Wells' Resignation: Protest to demand LGBT equality‏

11141216_1590152497909626_571029333141728988_nMarriage Equality Now! End the Blood Ban!

5pm, Tuesday 28th April, Belfast City Hall
In response to Health Minister Jim Wells’ resignation, Socialist Youth has announced that it intends to press ahead with a protest to demand an end to homophobic discrimination at Stormont.

Organiser Courtney Robinson said:

“Jim Wells has been forced from office because of the public outrage in response to his homophobic comments. Doubtless, the DUP leadership were worried about losing support in the midst of an election campaign.”

“Wells will be likely replaced by another backward homophobe. However, his forced resignation is a warning to his successor and all the Stormont politicians that this bigotry will not be tolerated by the majority in Northern Ireland.”

“Now is the time to step up the fight for LGBT equality, demanding marriage equality, an end to religiously-motivated ban on gay men giving blood and all forms of discrimination.”

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