Belfast City Council threatens youth unemployment activists with legal action

Belfast City Council today issued a threat to an organiser of the Youth Fight for Jobs Campaign that unless posters advertising the March for a Future to be held in Belfast on 6th October were not taken down by 4pm 27th September, the Council would immediately begin legal action.


Youth Fight for Jobs completely condemns Belfast City Council for threatening to use draconian laws to cut across an anti-sectarian march which will journey the Shankill Rd and the Falls Rd, demanding jobs for young people. This is a political attack on a campaign which opposes the policies of the main parties who are currently planning to cut EMA, benefits and vital services which will lead to higher unemployment.


This has nothing to do with the image of the city or littering. Belfast City councillors seem to think it is fine for paramilitary organisations to fly flags and flypost throughout Belfast, yet they cannot tolerate young people organising to demand jobs and a future?


The abuse of littering laws is a cynical cover by the parties in Belfast City Council to bully those who are protesting against their failed policies. It is an attack on democratic rights which must be defended by all.


We demand that the Lord Mayor Gavin Robinson and Deputy Mayor Tierna Cunningham immediately intervene to ensure no legal action is taken against Youth Fight for Jobs.



Youth Fight for Jobs Organising Committee,

26th September 2012


Please send messages of protest urgently to demand no legal action to:


Lord Mayor Gavin Robinson

Phone:  028 9032 0202



Deputy Lord Mary Tierna Cunningham

Phone:  028 9074 0817


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