Reclaiming the Radical Roots of International Women’s Day

Did you know that International Women’s Day (IWD) was actually born out of the women led, anti-capitalist struggles against war and imperialism?
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Heroic fighter against slavery: Mary Ann McCracken statue unveiled in Belfast

By Dagmar Walgraeve On 8 March, an extraordinary Belfast woman, will finally receive the rightful recognition she deserves. More than 150 years since her death, a statue of Mary Ann...
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Stormont restored: Can it last?

By Kevin Henry After two years of boycott by the DUP, Stormont has now been restored with the election of the Speaker, First (FM) and Deputy First Minister (DFM) and...
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“Draped in keffiyehs and faux principles”: Sinn Féin shake hands with ‘Genocide Joe’

The political establishment have made it clear that they will happily visit ‘Genocide Joe’ Biden’s White House on St. Patrick’s Day, where the warmonger-in-chief will be presented with a bowl...
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ICJ genocide ruling: a blow to Israeli State & imperialist allies, but fails to call for ceasefire

By Conor Payne On 26 January, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in the Hague gave its interim verdict on the case taken by the South African government against the...
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Jan 18th: fight to save our public services!

Build for a general strike By Sean Burns Workers’ are being used as pawns in the Stormont talks. Heaton-Harris and the Tories in Westminster are leveraging vital pay increases and...
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Oxfam Report: Richest 1% produce more carbon emissions than poorest 66%

By Jonathan Diebold From luxury yachts and private jets, to trips to space that can release 2-300 tonnes of carbon into the upper atmosphere in a single go, it’s no...
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Solidarity with Translink strike

By Thomas Carmichael Translink workers across Northern Ireland are to take strike action from midnight on 1st December, the first day that late night Christmas services were to run. The...
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Genocide in Gaza and the struggle to defeat the Israeli regime of terror

ditorial from the upcoming issue of Socialist Alternative, the Marxist journal of the Socialist Party. At the time of writing, the Israeli State’s genocidal war on Gaza is in its sixth...
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Capitalism means war

By Roise McCann People around the world have been forced to bear witness to the nightmare of countless genocidal atrocities committed against the population of Gaza by Israeli State forces....
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